Our Goals

Our Mission

Free Kids Academy is a hybrid K-8 school in St. Augustine, Florida, honoring children as divine beings with unlimited curiosity and creativity by empowering them with a holistic education to be happy, healthy lifelong learners that will make a difference in the world.

Our Vision

What an exciting, wonderful time to be on this planet. The world is experiencing a great awakening, creating a shift of consciousness to a more loving and unified planet. At Free Kids Academy, we recognize that a conscious education is the future, and we aim to be a model K-12 school that can be replicated across the globe. It is with intention that our buildings’ footprints are small, our green spaces are large, and our enrollment is clearly defined. This way, we can encourage our children to connect with nature and each other. Our curriculum focuses primarily on life skills, holistic unit studies, and interest-based explorations. Our campus is ever-evolving, like our students, and we eagerly await to see how their interests shape the landscape. We believe all children deserve access to the best educational experience and aim to make tuition available for free.

Our Values


We believe that love is the essence of life. We inspire children to love themselves, love others, and love our beautiful Earth.


We teach children to be aware of themselves and their world by observing and choosing their thoughts, words, and actions.


We believe freedom is our birthright. We allow families to make their own decisions regarding medical choices.


We inspire children to own their behavior and attitudes to feel more in control of their lives.


We encourage children to ask questions, research, and draw their own conclusions with the flexibility to revise as they discover further information. We empower children to dive deep into their interests by supporting them with time, resources, and enthusiasm.


We honor children as creative beings with endless ideas by supporting them in exploring their passions. We introduce new concepts and skills to spark their natural curiosity.


We focus on progress, not perfection. We want our kids to love learning and grow in ways that are most important to them.


We teach children to live in abundance by encouraging them to give with abundance, with love through their words, acts of service, and other means.


We teach children to question what is common instead of accepting it as normal and to speak up, taking a stand for their beliefs. We help children be the change they want to see.


We strive for balance in all that we do.