Mathematics and Numeracy

Our math instruction incorporates best and current practices to ensure children develop their mathematical minds. Besides setting aside an intentional block of time for mathematics instruction, numeracy, the ability to understand and use math in daily life, at home, work, or school, is interwoven throughout the day. The main branches of mathematics, including numbers & operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis & probability, are explored based on children’s current understanding to advance them to the next or deeper level. Mini-lessons are sequential and logical, offering children opportunities to learn, beginning with concrete examples, hands-on learning with manipulatives, and moving to the abstract. Guided practice, independent practice, games, centers, and enrichment opportunities are all methods used to enhance children’s learning. Mental math and reviewing precious concepts are also incorporated to promote mathematical fluency. The goal is for our students to develop a solid foundation of mathematics, allowing them to problem solve, reason, communicate, and represent mathematical ideas in the real world.