FKA Update!

Everything begins in our imagination before it becomes a reality.

We aim to model everything we teach, which is why we are happy to be transparent about how we create the school, taking it from a seed idea in our imagination to the real thing!

In the past month, we received our renderings from our fantastic architect, Kasper Architects, which were updated to include a huge front porch. There is something about the southern porch that says, “you are welcome here.” That is the feeling we hope our students will experience every day when they arrive! It is our intention that Free Kids Academy becomes a second home where they feel loved, a strong sense of belonging, and connection.

FKA 05

  • Here are a few other things we’ve done this month!
  • Met with bankers to discuss options for loans and/or investors.
  • Met with a lawyer to discuss the zoning and land uses to see what’s allowable on the land for next year before the building is ready.
  • Met with a few builders to get an estimate of land prep and building costs.
  • Met with three school owners to hear about their journeys.
  • Finalized our branding package.
  • Cleared out the contents of the mobile home and garage that is currently on the front portion of the land.
  • Met with the Chamber of Commerce to learn about what they do.
  • Created a page on for donations.
  • Finished our business plan – (Becky hasn’t written a 35-page document since college!)

FKA 03

All while homeschooling our children and running our publishing company! October was an intense, exciting month!

We ask that you continue to hold the vision with us as we begin to accelerate in creating the school! Find some quiet time before bed or in the AM to visualize your kid(s) playing in the mud kitchen, picking vegetables from the gardens, or doing yoga under the pavilion.

FKA 02

We appreciate your support in these early stages!

  • Here is how you can help:
  • Share our content on social media or tag friends that may be interested. Tell parents about our school and share how they can sign up for newsletters too!
  • Consider making a donation, any amount is a blessing. Share the donation site with others that may want to contribute. A donation is more than money, it’s giving your energy to the collective energy to consciously create this vision!

Stay tuned for updates on enrollment and details for next year!